Our fully trained operators will reduce use of other
expensive destructive equipment such as
Excavators, Backhoes, Bobcats,
Augers and manual labour.
Hydro excavation is very precise and can be used for a large range of
jobs such as removal of concrete slurry, tree planting,
tree relocation and location of services with far less impact on
the environment than traditional methods of excavation.
Hydro Excavation uses water as the digging tool to cut sand, soil, clay and rock. The vacuum unit removes the debris to identify services,
provide excavation for foundations or for the installation of root barriers. Our service allows for excavation without damaging
expensive communication cables, gas, water, sewer and storm water pipe assets.
Specialised service locations

Water main under tree being crushed by roots.
RSP Environmental Services Hydro-excavated a hole
under tree and replaced water pipe without
affecting the tree or damaging any other services.

Access made easy even through the toughest of ground



Location of services with depth gauge & hole fill.
This system of filling holes with sight gauge makes
it easy for contractors finding depth for excavation.
Hydro Excavation to depths of 8 metres