RSP Environmental Services specialises in clearing all types of blocked drains, including sewerage drains, storm water drains, culverts / road side asset maintenance and sediment ponds. 
We use quality, industry accredited, high pressure water jetting equipment, providing you with a fast, efficient and therefore cost effective method of solving your issues. 
All our Vacuum & Jetting equipment range offers high pressure water jetting systems that are installed on our fleet vehicles and are the latest technology and guarantee the best results every time.
  These machines are built to cope with all manner of block drains, from tree roots penetrating the pipes right the
way through to extremely heavy fat and food blockages, all without risking damage to the pipes themselves. 
Our vacuum systems are built to remove solids, fluids, sludge and sediments in various locations below ground or above ground locations.
  Pressure Jet Truck
This style of truck is specifically designed to offer high-pressure drain cleaning ability on a lightweight truck to allow access in to tight spaces, over driveways and nature strips and under carports without damaging property. It has the ability to fill and refill on site to reduce down time.
These units can be operated with a variety of jetting heads including specifically designed jet heads for sand removal, sand and root cutting saws and grease removal. This popular style is utilized by both asset authorities and commercial and industrial sites, is ideal for high pressure washing of equipment, sewer and storm water drain clearing and the application of Grease Release and Sanafoam Vaporooter tree root inhibitor.
Non-Destructive Digging

NDD uses water as the digging tool to cut sand, soil, clay and rock. The vacuum unit removes the debris to identify services, provide excavation for foundations or for the installation of root barriers. NDD allows for excavation without damaging communication cables, gas, water, sewer and storm water pipe assets.
  CCTV Van

Ideal for cost effective survey work of manhole to manhole pipe lengths or emergency inspection of trouble spots.
Our investment in the world’s most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment. We have the camera technology that allows us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey. Specialist software means that can see the results for yourself on DVD, supported with a full technical report. WinCan reporting software.
  Combination Unit
(Fully recycles water used, only for sewerage work)

Stainless Steel compact combination unit, ideal for 150mm and 225mm sewer and storm water pipe clearing. The smaller size, less weight and good boom-reach, allows for access into tight locations.