Ideal for cost effective survey work of manhole
to manhole pipe lengths or emergency inspection
of trouble spots through to our State-of-the-art Laser Profiling
capable of detecting and measuring changes
in pipe slope or bore clearance.

Our investment in the world’s most sophisticated CCTV survey equipment. We have the camera technology that allows us to get the best results from any CCTV drain or sewer survey. Specialist software means that can see the results for yourself on DVD, supported with a full technical report using WinCan reporting software.
CCTV Pipe Inspections Survey quality high resolution recordable colour showing distances and labelling of location, day & date.
Picture quality is assured with the gyro self levelling camera head to ensure the picture is up the right way. Full pan and tilt on tractor camera. A cost effective solution for survey work, hot spot inspections or to work with other RSP Units.
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An example of how RSP Environmental Service can inspect your sewer drains with full colour video feed that can be used to look for any blockages, damage or any potential problems.

This can help greatly in any future planning of your assets.

RSP provides inspection and digital reporting services in all pipeline systems from 20mm to 1500mm in diameter. An integral part of our service is that the company owns and operates the latest in CCTV technology from leading manufacturers in the industry

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WinCan Software (<< to the left) transforms raw pipe inspection data into the intelligence you need to make maintenance decisions.
Its intuitive interface grants easy access to information while enforcing consistent data entry. Sophisticated query functionality lets you filter observations by location, type and severity, and practically any other criteria.

The Clearline Profiler (to the right >>) allows us to accurately determine the amount of damage contained within a pipe asset.
The laser profiler attachment shows the actual shape of the pipe whilst the software can predetermine the correct pipe shape and calculate the difference between the two.

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Development of State-of-the-art Laser profiling systems that have enabled the range of applications and degree of accuracy of traditional survey delivery systems to be enhanced dramatically. The ability to detect and measure changes in pipe slope or bore clearance, be it due to deformation, siltation, corrosion or erosion, is difficult at the best of times especially when using conventional CCTV Camera Systems.
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