RSP Environmental Services have a large fleet of drain cleaning units, which can be used for both low and high pressure cleaning work, up to 3000 PSI. All units have large-volume water storage tanks, and also carry standpipes for easy connection to hydrants for street water supplies. These water-jetting units are fitted with the latest rotating water-jet cutting heads, which remove deposits such as grease, sand, silt and roots. Each unit carries a minimum of 260 metres of ¾" hose, a wide range of jet nozzles, bombs and cleaning heads.

Using our fleet of combination vacuum / drain cleaning units is a superior way of removing unwanted material (grit, silt, sludge) from drainage systems without confined space entry. Silt and grit removal, transport and disposal from sewer carriers, wet wells, digesters and fermentation tanks is carried out using our fleet of Vacuum combination vacuum/drain cleaning units.

A modern fleet of mobile, self-contained vacuum loading equipment is available from RSP Environmental Services using positive displacement blowers and liquid ring vacuum pumps.

A major benefit of the Liquid Ring Vacuum Unit is that it will allow the removal of debris from the bottom of lagoons, ponds and pits without taking surface liquids. This equipment also allows the most efficient removal of dusts, solids and liquids from confined spaces and pits.

We provide inspection and digital reporting services in all pipeline systems from ¾-Inch to 36" in diameter. An integral part of our service is that the company owns and operates the latest in CCTV technology from leading manufacturers in the industry. Our CCTV inspection services provide integrity assessments through visual inspections in digital clarity. The ability to provide video ensures that our Clients can view inspections on the same day.
The mainline camera systems that RSP utilizes provide a sonde that allows us to locate, with pinpoint accuracy, any cast iron pipeline or conduit that we are inspecting, including depth. This feature, in addition to the added benefit that our systems are beneficial when encountering unforeseen problems.
We use State-of-the-art Laser profiling systems that have enabled the range of applications and degree of accuracy of traditional survey delivery systems to be enhanced dramatically. The ability to detect and measure changes in pipe slope or bore clearance, be it due to deformation, siltation, corrosion or erosion, is difficult at the best of times especially when using conventional CCTV Camera Systems.